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  1. If you host a class in your home and you cannot be present please inform the instructor and try and find a temporary host.

  2. If your home cannot be used temporarily, it is your responsibility to inform the instructor so other arrangements can be made to hold the class.

  3. If a situation arises that keeps you from hosting permanently it is your responsibility to find a new host location.


  1. Absolutely NO SMOKING in the same floor where the class is being taught.

  2. If you feel a particular student is disrupting the learning environment, do not try to reprimand the student (unless it is your child.) Instead, bring the problem to the instructor's knowledge. The instructor will solve the problem.

  3. While classes are taught, a parent or another adult person MUST BE PRESENT IN THE HOUSE.

  4. Be on time to drop-off and pick-up your student. If you will be late, contact the parent that is hosting the class.

  5. Save the phone number of the parent that is hosting your student's class.


  1. NO CELL PHONES OR SIMILAR DEVICES during class. Silence the devices before class starts.

  2. Come prepared for class with a pencil, spiral notebook, text and calculator.

  3. Treat all class participants and property with respect.

  4. No form of harassment will be tolerated and could result in permanent removal from class.


  1. Please report absences planned or unplanned to




Math and science classes

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